Julia Gomez – Aren’t We All So Incomplete [Track By Track]

Julia Gomez is an indie pop artist located in Nashville, TN. What I love about her is the control that she has over the way her music sounds. Not only does she stand out as a writer in a town full of songwriter’s but she’s also a very talented producer. She’s her own personal audio engineer. Julia says the album was recorded in her bedroom, friend’s basements and a sound treated storage unit. She’s been working on her album Aren’t We All So Incomplete for sometime now, and I’m excited to cover it now that it’s out.

Late Summer – This is a very fun song to start the album off. It has laidback verses and an upbeat techno inspired chorus. I would describe this song as distant and alien sounding. I would say if you’re a fan of the indie band Still Woozy, you’ll love this one.

Rapid Eye Movement – I love this song because it’s such a classic Julia Gomez song. I had the privilege of hearing it live long before it came out. I love the way the drums follow what the vocals are doing in this song.

Doomsday Lover – I think this song has a funny concept, because it could take place in a sci-fi movie or it could be taking place in 2020. Sure the world didn’t end in 2020 but it sure felt like it. It has a doo-op drum beat, an upright piano sound and layered vocals but it’s still a very modern song.

Aren’t We All So Incomplete – the title track of the album, this song is full of abstract lyrics, and complex production. One of my favorite lines in this song is “I procrastinated my grieving for a couple dozen seasons.” Where her songs are normally fun and upbeat, I think this song has some weight to it. She attempts to open up about some sadness in this one.

How Far It Goes – What a beautiful rendition of this song. She actually released a different version of this song last year and took it down and re-did it. I love the new version because its familiar of course, but it’s interesting to see what she changed about this song. This song sounds like a classic but also modern at the same time.

Cry Over You – This is my personal favorite song on the album, Julia released this one as a single and it was one of my most listened to songs of 2021. I love the DIY sounding electronic drums, the shaker and other percussion instruments on this song. My favorite part about this song is the super catchy melody in both the verse and the chorus. 

Your Girl – The beginning of this song sounds like a 90s jam. The pre-chorus is so catchy she says “I’m taking down my inhibitions and screaming under water, do you ever listen?.”

Freak Me Out – This song is cute and sexy at the same time. I think it’s so fun and I love the piano part.

Radar! – This song has a consistent 90s drum machine beat. I would say the layered vocals and the bass part are like modern hits. There are a lot of bells and whistles in the post-production of this song. What I mean by this is there are a lot of atypical rhythm instruments hidden in the mix.

Too Pretty To Smoke – Have you ever had a crush on a coworker? This song describes this controversial situation. Most of the metaphors in this song revolve around smoking, which gives this song a lot of personality.

Night Drive – This song has a distorted bass part that really drives the song. It also has a twinkly synth part that’s reminiscent of 80s hits. What’s interesting about this song is the dynamic drum part, it changes from the verse to the pre chorus to the chorus. There’s also an attention grabbing bridge that sounds like spoken word poetry.

Experience It – What’s interesting about this song is it sounds unlike anything else on the album. It has a busy sounding layered  guitar and a tactile drum part. All of the instruments are very lively in this one.

I always tell people she sounds like Willow, but other influences include The Cranberries, Alvvays and Girl in Red. You can hear her influences throughout the album but the juxtaposed sounds she uses in her songs really stand out. Her talent and hands on abilities really shine through in this project, I hope this album finds the recognition it deserves. You can listen to the whole album below:

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