Last week’s Femme Fest Friday Matinee

The following is a brief summary of my experiences Friday August 29th 2014 at Bossy Grrls Pin Up Joint in Columbus Ohio during the first annual FeMMe Fest. – Sandeep Sehbi

Last Friday I was asked to run sound by a venue, which just so happened to be a FeMMe Fest matinee show. Four bands performed: Za Unitt & The Angry Men, Eleanor Sinacola of Dead Girlfriends, The Sweet S and Time Lords.

Za Unitt & The Angry Men was a spirited ensemble fronted by Za Unitt. She was, in between songs, particularly vocal about her emphatic joy at FeMMe Fest existing (and hell yeah, the whole weekend was amazing). She totally encapsulated everyones feelings on the matter. Acoustic, positive in demeanor and she shares a bassist with All the Fish. A warm selection of feel-good chilled out tunes which served to ease the crowd into what was yet to come (and a pleasant way to start the show). 


Eleanor Sinacola (of Dead Girlfriends) performed solo playing an electric guitar, distorted, and singing with a strong and clear voice. (It was totally awesome). It sounded the only way it could, distorted, strong, passionate and invigorating. You got the guitar, overdriven and raw, pushing and jagged. You got Eleanor’s vocals, strong, driven, pitch perfect and impassioned. (And like I said, it was totally awesome). 


The Sweet S, despite some sound issues, sounded amazing. (Really really amazing). Keyboards, bassist, electric guitar, drums. Three of the four sang. Awesome. Surfy garage-revival-esque awesomeness. (I have a major soft spot for Surf). The bassist had a slick and smooth deeper voice. Keyboardist sang a few. Guitar sang a few. Catch them at Worst Kept Secret Fest later in the year. (After the set, the lead singer asked me if I was playing Ambulence LTD over the speakers. I was. We totally verbally high fived each other.)


Time Lords are a personal favorite (they’re really really good), and they always knock it out the park. Fronted by Beth Hunter (amazing singer), the sound is undoubtedly garage, both retro and contemporary, and hits like a sledge hammer (hard). That drummer though. And lest we not forget the harmonica player, who plays on top of distorted driven guitar, bass, and drums. Beth’s vocals cut through the mix and sit with authority. Definitely give Time Lords a listen, and check out Beth’s other band Trachete.

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Written by Sandeep Sehbi

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