Lewis Del Mar – August

by Taylor Odishaw-Dyck

Danny Miller and Max Harwood form the writing duo Lewis Del Mar. Since grade school, they have been making music together in Rockaway Beach, NYC. In early 2015, the duo plateaued impressively, reaching no. 1 on Hype Machine with their first single release, “Loud(y).”

Fast forward five years, we find the Rockaway Beach boys bangin’ drums and turning heads for millions of fans internationally.

Miller and Harwood started recording August at their bungalow-turned-studio in 2017, following their first major tour. August is Del Mar’s greatly anticipated sophomore effort, after they trampolined onto the scene with their debut self-titled record in 2016.

Instantly, August carries with it an unparalleled prestige; Lewis Del Mar is setting yet another industry standard in the genre of no genre.

Del Mar and co. have been busy with single releases from the album, namely, “Rosalie CH. II,” “Border CH. III,” and “Do You Need Me”.

That being said, I would like to start off this review right in the meat of the album, with a couple songs called “Sewers” and “Cold Turkey.”

“Sewers” carries a sincere and honest energy, with a delivery we have not quite heard from the Del Mar boys. I can’t help but wonder if this track was inspired by the traumatic events surrounding the health of each member’s fathers. Sadly, each of them suffered a stroke during the making of this album.

The first lyrics of “Sewers”: “That bad news gon’ leave you stoned… Tia called on the phone… to say you passed in the night.” This is almost a dead giveaway of the grief these writers were experiencing as they pieced this powerful track together.

As for the musical content, I was blown away by the instrumental outro, which paints a clear picture of a changing tides incumbering the shores of Miller and Harwood.

The next track, “Cold Turkey,” resonates notable Sublime influences, as it borders on reggae music with authentic indie waves. I found myself swept away by the captivating melodies and juicy drum runs.

Track two, “Fever (CH. I),” appears to be the first instalment of the previously revealed CH. II and III. I really dig the upbeat rhythms unveiled by these two visionary composers.

Meanwhile, “Do You Need Me” is the clear focal point of the album’s marketing campaign; and for good reason, as it is truly a banger with benevolent flow.

One cannot simply write an article on Lewis Del Mar without touching on their found-sound sample work. You have to appreciate the depth that these folly vocal clips add to the stories within each song.

Let’s also take a paragraph or two to marvel at the poignant intricacies of their intro track, “Prologue”; what a truly fascinating build we witness here! The vocals pummel in over the stormy electronic surface: “Got rolled over, got rolled over… I want it all, I want it all”.

Max and Danny, in my opinion, have never been more accurate with their productions; they have hit their target audience right between the eyes. From track to track, August puts out a distinct energy, unmatched by any indie artist of our era.

The truth is, the Del Mar crew went through stormy weather in the making of August. It seems even the most gifted writers are not impervious to the rain.

The Lewis Del Mar co-founders were pressed down into fine dust since their rise to stardom in the late 2010’s. Beautifully and tragically, they produced a glowing gem: August.

Set to release today. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: rubberband.

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