locket – superluminal

This is a sonic experience, a triumphant blast of rock which keeps on going after the conclusion. Locket is this dynamic, enigmatic band that has the power to change perceptions, and with Superluminal, they have interweaved pop punk with rock and even grungy notes.  

It’s a collection many may not get at first, but when those guitars integrate and the rest of the breakneck instrumentals crash in, then it’s hard not to notice such energy and perseverance. The act also has the knack at creating noteworthy lyricism, though it can be simple at times, and complex when needs be.  

The band is losing their minds too, falling aimlessly into a rut, and they bruise easily. The screams are like thunder, and the band do not lose momentum even though they’re losing the will.  

“Sonic Boom” begins with tight instrumentals. The chorus is brilliant, and the rush of guitars combines well with the angry vocals. It’s a fast-paced extravaganza.  

“Rearview Memory” is a sad song, a ballad that offers a sudden calm at moments. The vocals are serene, and the track conveys love as a disaster, and the chorus describes a sudden change in direction.   

“Tear Me To Pieces” is another well-shaped song. “Bitterness” comes in as an enemy, pushing the band to the limits. They want a release from the shackles of misery.  

Locket is a band which have the tools to conquer, even though they’re feeling the sharp ends of life.  

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