Magnolia Park – Heart Eater

You might think this is an upbeat EP blossoming beyond the colourful gardens of youth and desire, well think again. Heart Eater by Magnolia Park is a moody record at times, but one electric in its delivery, and atmospheric, pushing this band through their own trials. From the start this collision between hope and moroseness, becomes so evident, and when the EP concludes you may feel a tinge in your heartstrings.

The band has worked wonders with their sound, and pop punk is their staple genre, but Heart Eater does go beyond the formula, and the EP sounds poppy and fresh. As mentioned, the record has its forlorn moments, when the world seems too much, when life sadly becomes a chore. Although, this seems drastic, the band cope, and all they want is to feel something.

Ultimately, the band know how to create a pop punk song worthy of praise. These 4 songs that make up Heart Eater, are intertwined to tell us fables which delve deeply into the workings of the band, and how they feel about the world. For instance, they do not stand back and watch their dreams fade away quickly, they grasp onto every sinew of what they believe in.

Feel Something starts the record off in style. The pessimism rings true, nightmares become evident. The pop punk sound comes through, and the battering percussion increases stability. It’s a promising beginning. Serious describes the darkness and those riffs add the pop punk effect. Lyrically, we’re taken into a battling relationship, and an enigmatic world. It’s a infectious song with a sense of despondency railing through it. Tokyo again snaps at negativity, but the catchy beat keeps it from falling flat.

Magnolia Park may be feeling the constraints of life, but their music has the potential to take them through the pain and into a place where hope resides.

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