Merch Minute – Vol. 2

By Ryan G

Below is the second group of folks that submitted stories behind music merchadise that is meaningful to them. To submit your story and photo, reach out to

“Back in the summer of 2016 I spent a few months living in an Airbnb in Nashville with my wife and kids.
The lady who owned the house would see me coming and going with my guitar and one day handed me a CD of her late husband’s music.

A Texas legend called Walter Hyatt.

She told me how he’d left behind a wealth of music and she was compelled to share it with the world.
Walter’s posthumous album ‘Some Unfinished Business’ became the soundtrack of that summer. I still listen to it a lot!” –
Gareth Dunlop. The singer/songwriter and producer is an emerging pop artist who released “Animal” in late March.

I picked up this Green Day shirt at my first ever concert in 2005 and I still have it to this day. I was fourteen at the time and my parents drove me up about 4 hours to Milton Keynes for the show, which felt like the longest drive ever at that age. I think this show later became a staple moment for Green Day during the American Idiot cycle and this concert was later released as part of the Bullet In A Bible film. I was super impressionable and fully obsessed with Green Day during this time as I was just learning guitar. I remember the opening bands were Jimmy Eat World and Taking Back Sunday who later became favourite bands of mine, and influential to me through my teen years and later in forming Weatherstate. We were thrilled to catch the attention from Mike Dirnt after our ‘Medicate’ music video released which I still hold as one of my favourite achievements in this band. The shirt now has paint on it from when I poorly decorated my room about a decade ago. I probably won’t ever get rid of it” – Callan Milward of punk band Weatherstate. Their new LP Never Better is out now via Rude Records.

“Most worn piece of band merch in a long time. I think Wolf Alice’s Blue Weekend is the perfect anthem for any young artist striving to do more, and do it in a way that truly represents themselves and their perspective journey. Bought this after seeing them live in Seattle, which was my first show after moving there. Lines like “I wear my feelings on my sleeve, I suggested it” and “Do you wait for your dancing lessons to be sent from God? You’d like his light to shine on you” exemplify what we all want in this journey – to matter, and hope to make a difference – all while being totally vulnerable and sharing what pumps through our veins, making us who we are.” – Mitchell Taylor of Mountains Like Wax. They are releasing an album, Before There Was Plenty, on April 8th. You can stream their latest single, “A Lover’s Plea (Act II)” which features Julien Baker now!

“Fiddlehead is one of my favorite bands. I got to see them play in NYC at the Thrasher x Vans Death Match when I was visiting in 2019. They had this sick black hoodie for sale there and I was going to pick one up after their set but they were gone when I got back there. I was so bummed. But I found this other black sweatshirt online later so I had to get it. I love that it has the ‘Springtime and Blind’ tracklist on the back too.” – Malia of Glacier Veins

Glacier Veins, a “dream punk” band, released their new album Lunar Reflection recently!

“Paramore was one of the first bands that kicked off my love of rock and it’s been the band that I’ve bonded with partners on for many of my relationships. I grabbed this shirt from the merch table during the concert I was attending with my best friend when I was 26. There was so much uncertainty in my life at that time and that night’s beautiful acoustic performance of Paramore’s song “ 26”gave me so much clarity. Every time I look at that shirt, I think of how much I’ve overcome and how music is a form of salvation.” – @themillionthashleyyouknow

Why this shirt is meaningful to me:

I first heard Elliott Smith when my sister had me watch the Royal Tenebaums. Something about the ethereal folk-rock quality of his music felt important to me, and I listened more and more as the years went by. He feels like a bit of a guardian angel to me, and I wear this shirt when I want to feel more connected with the divine. He is a big inspiration to my songwriting. I’m releasing my first music this year, some of which was definitely inspired by Elliott 🙂” – artist of many hats @larissa_simpson

Michael Coleman of Mixed Signals Productions is repping his firm above. You can purchase both the mask and the shirt at his site Michael Coleman is a lifelong music lover who first started making waves in the industry in 1997 when Da Enfatry, his collaboration with BNM (Beats Never Meaningless) dropped a single title “This World” on the radio station Hot 97. His first solo single released in 2001 under his solo moniker DJ Melodic. Today, he is passionate about making music for up and coming artists and spreading the good word about his brand.

“I’ll never forget seeing Ringo Starr live in New York in 2001. I was 10 years old, I had already been drumming for 4 years, and the concert forever cemented my deep love for Ringo. Plus, Sheila E was in his band for that tour – another legend! Ringo hopped around the stage on lead vocals and played some drums in the show too, which must have made a big impact for me as a future singing drummer. Everyone in the crowd was so happy. To this day, Ringo and Tony Allen are my two favorite drummers, and Abbey Road is my favorite album of all time. In the context of The Beatles, Ringo possessed a wisdom that I wouldn’t fully understand until I was in my late teens/early twenties. He never played to serve his ego, no matter how massively famous The Beatles were. He ALWAYS, with the consistency of the ocean tides ebbing and flowing, played in service of the song. That’s an approach that takes patience, humility, and above all – sensitivity. He never overstepped, and he always allowed space for the songwriting to shine. He recognized his supportive role in the group and The Beatles wouldn’t have been the same if he hadn’t. He also came up with drum parts that defied convention, making a song’s drum pattern a composition in itself. I’ll always love Ringo, and I’ll always keep this t-shirt to remember that concert – no matter how ripped and torn it gets!” – Miles Francis, a polymath known for artistic collaborations with the likes of Will Butler, Sharon Jones, Angelique Kidjo and more. Their album GOOD MAN is out now!

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