More Eaze – Spiraling

More Eaze has been a busy sound bug so far this year. Spiraling is the electronic artist’s third release this year and the second offering from experimental record label Orange Milk. Although it is somewhat of a departure from More Eaze’s previous ambient works, Spiraling isn’t too distant from the hyperpop adjacent Never Stop Texting Me, which was put out with bestie and collaborator Claire Rousay in February. However, it surely deviates from the ambient noise record oneiric, which was sandwiched in between the two aforementioned releases. The order of these installments is important, as oneiric represents a break in lineage versus NSTM and Spiraling’s hyperpop tendencies.

It appears we’re working with both More Eaze’s calmer and wilder styles on this six-song record. While the first three tracks will have you prepared to sappliy destroy the dance floor, it’s the moment between the recovery girl-featuring ”conflict styles” and “repurposed fumes” that has you feeling like you’ve been transported to a machine-made pillow. The anthemic dance track “conflict styles” dissolves into a sonic territory that we’re much more used to seeing More Eaze operate in over the final minute. It’s even hinted in the song title; “conflict styles” merges the vigorous hyperpop of recovery girl against More Eaze’s ability to boost sounds by giving them more space. The highlight of the album is this transition, as it merges More Eaze’s current prioritized creativity.

For these reasons, Spiraling can almost be viewed as two separate parts; but of the same work. This record almost acts like a deconstruction of the artist, who has just recently found their footing in hyperpop music – and quite quickly and successfully if we’re being honest. The EP starts off with one of the most un-Most Eaze moments you’ll come across in her discography but finishes with a track that aligns more succinctly with her ambient portfolio. “eat slowly” features all of those trinkety, every-day sounds that one might pick up if leaving on a field recorder all day, which, from past interviews, it seems like the artist does. What really adds to the ambience over the final three songs, though, are the vocal contributions, especially Pamela Santiago’s beautiful musings – both in sound and meaning – over “primordial.”

Spiraling by More Eaze

Although “bff” and frequent collaborator claire rousay isn’t present on this project, that’s OK. They’re still best friends. You can’t expect to take every step with your bestie, and their disclusion on this record for the first time since 2020’s strictly solo effort towards a plane probably speaks more for the longevity of their collaborations than vice versa. 

“read receipts” doesn’t necessarily begin in the realm of hyperpop. The sense of being in a room with a field recorder intimately by yourself iis, though. As mentioned earlier, this is the realm that we’ve seen More Eaze exist in that has led to her come-up in the experimental electronic music scene. Hyperpop is somewhat a new territory for Austin, Texas, experimental artist More Eaze. But by listening to the three hyperpop-adjacent records that she has put out in the past two years, we should be hoping to hear more.

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