MxPx Finds A Way Home

It’s almost hard to believe that MxPx has been going strong for thirty plus years. Over the tenure of their career they have pivoted and shifted accordingly as they have matured as musicians and individuals all while maintaining their punk rock roots at the core.

In that same time frame MxPx has also been met with their criticisms as some of their fanbase felt slightly alienated when they distanced themselves from their more faith based approach and then some other when their sound took a more radio friendly approach. Regardless of where you may fall within the fanbase there is no denying that MxPx’s sound has remained consistent time after time. Find A Way Home carries a semblance of their earlier days and is sure to please both old and new fans alike.

Find A Way Home covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time (in true punk fashion) as it carries a total of 13 tracks and clocks at just over thirty-three minutes from start to finish. Kicking off with “Not Today” it is clear that this album carries that nostalgic MxPx vibe all while giving it some slight modern flair for good measure. “This Is What You Told Me” follows and continues to build upon the core elements that the band have relied upon throughout the course of their career. “What I Tell Myself” is the first true highlight of the album as it feels like a bit of a successor to their hit “Well Adjusted” that was featured in a Mt. Dew commercial nearly 20 years ago. The track is orchestrated well and allows Mike, Tom and Yuri to truly showcase their individual musical abilities that have only evolved with time.

“Cautious Optimistic” is fun ride as it plays upon the nuances of being older and possibly even a little OCD. The video that correlates is also a nice throw back to the “Chick Magnet” video. The track shows musical maturity all while managing to not take anything too seriously and keep things fun and lighthearted. “Excuse My French” is another fun tongue in cheek track that feels like it could have been found in the Life In General period of the band. “Stay Up All Night” is another track that manages to encapsulate that classic MxPx sound that was the middle ground between semi traditional punk and radio friendly pop. “Ready To Rage” is a more fast paced track that embodies the part of MxPx that kept things fast but still managed to keep a bit of a melodic tone throughout.

“Undone,” “Call Me” and “Mountains To Climb” don’t really cover any new ground musically and all play perfectly to the tone and feel of the album that we have experienced up to this point. “Sunrise” serves as a bit of an oddly placed interlude (track 11 of 13) and almost unnecessary but it does segway nicely in to “When We Boke Through” which serves as sort of “part 1” of the album’s finale. It sets a solid tone that fits well against the album’s final track. “Mistakes Will Be Made” closes out the album and has a solidly crafted contrast in its arrangement (and is the only track on the album that hits the 3 minute mark).

Ultimately, Find A Way Home feels like a true return to form for the punk rock legends and is sure to find a solid placement amongst their collective fanbase. It is a fun yet mature album with a classic sound.

Find A Way Home is out now and available on all major streaming and digital platforms or you can purchase physical copies via the band’s webstore.

MxPx – “Cautious Optimistic” (Official Music Video)

You can catch MxPx live at both Furnace Fest (September) and When We Were Young Festival (October).

You can connect with MxPx on social media via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (X).

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