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There is a subtlety to the Natalie Evans’s record Movements, and a tinge of hope somewhere between the lines. Her work doesn’t hang on cliches or moments of spontaneity. It actually progresses with magical tones and sensibilities. Her songs conjure up memories, and they feature dreamy choruses, which are original. And her mind must be full of inspiration, as these tracks lay bare her thoughts and feelings candidly.

This collection also spearheads moments of tenderness, and times when Evans seems like she’s colliding with her emotions, but that’s what gives this record the upper hand. It is, in fact, an album brimming in stories, anecdotes, pushing the written word to the maximum, and Evans knows she has the grace and writing capabilities to take her work to the next level. Movements has become her note, her battle-cry and her statement.

Evans has a knack for playing beautiful, unorthodox guitar sounds, which has earned her praise. She also plays piano at a professional level, which shows she is able and equipped. And her sincere, angelic vocals intertwine with these instrumentals, creating a unique chime.

Movements will go down as an innovative, inventive album, because of its sheer intensity. It may not be a punchy, raucous affair, but it has the components to generate energy. Driving Home Late starts the record off with piano laden notes. Evans sings angelically, letting the driven lyrics shine. It’s a subtle start. Pencil Drawn opens with acoustic charm, and Evans describes the fading sky in her mind. She also slips into a daydream. Under The Moon again showcases Evans’s writing ability and her astuteness at playing her instruments. This song has a haunting feeling. Guest Room is a beautifully designed swansong. Evans plays the piano with measure and confidence, and the lyrics shine here.

Natalie Evans is supremely talented, offering her thoughts like notes flying in the wind. Movements is a collection of songs, which breaks norms and shows a rare talent come to life.    

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