Night Moves – The Redaction

This intelligent music weaves potent guitar moments with morose lyricism. Night Moves is a band evolving on every song, and their EP The Redaction proves they have what it takes to storm the music industry. Readying their charm, the act, don’t halt their stride but keep going through the motions. 

The fuzzed up guitar sounds only get better with every song. Played intricately, they meet expectations, and the whole ambiance is gratifying. Those vocals are melodic too, soaked in an American style, and while they’re beautiful on the ears, the lyrics they belt out describe sadness. 

Wars of the mindset are conveyed here too. Every lyric adds dimension, but they haven’t been written with jubilation in mind, they’ve been composed to tell us that everything isn’t right. Night Moves is a outfit of musicians who dazzle, but they’re also hurting as they strum and bask in the light. 

The sound is also reminiscent of bands such as The Gaslight Anthem, which are titans of the rock scene. Though, Night Moves is on their way to the top, night after night, dream after dream. 

Fallacy Actually opens the record with a sturdy guitar riff and brooding vocals. The American twang is highlighted, and the American dream has been placed on hold. The lyrics describe loneliness, and that chorus bares all. Vulnerable Hours is a fuzzy affair, and love has been assessed fully. The protagonist seems to walk aimlessly. The instrumentals have been tuned up to the heights here. 

Feel Another Day opens calmly, drawing a line through the loudness. The vocals are well composed, and the riffs memorable. Again, desperation becomes a mainstay. 

Night Moves bluntly tell their story through 4 songs which are melancholic, to say the least. This EP has it all too, and should be applauded for its sheer insight. 

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