Nirvana – In Utero: Raw Like A Deep Cut.

When a colossal act decided to release an album after being acclaimed for a record that pushed them through to a hallmark platform, must have been an ultimate challenge. But for a band as sought after as Nirvana, it must have been even more of a test. Although, having to outdo one of the most remarkable records ever to drop into the music world, might have scared some bands, but for Nirvana they blasted through the pressure with an abrasive, rawer affair, in the form of In Utero in 1993.

Nevermind was the band’s epic product. An album that propelled them to the dizzying heights of fame and fortune. In Utero, was a compelling record in its execution also, but people didn’t catch onto as they did with the 1991 blockbuster. In Utero, was, in truth, an album rough and ready, and not as polished as Nevermind, though the band did want this particular sound to appear on the LP.

In Utero was the last album before Kurt Cobain’s untimely death. And it was a statement of intent musically, as the distorted guitar sound had become elevated, his vocal work had become even more gritty and abrasive. The riffs were technical too, and it seems Cobain worked meticulously on creating a blend of grunge and rock beside bassist Krist Novoselic and drummer Dave Grohl.

The album, blessed with technical prowess, was still put behind the power of Nevermind. It did garner critical success, but some didn’t enjoy the brash side of the album. Though, it did slide into a direct sound, at moments tenderness did rise to the top. One such song, Heart-Shaped Box, became a monumental track for many, with its stripped back energy and poetic lyrics.

But, of course, there was plenty for the Nirvana purists. Songs such as All Apologies and Pennyroyal Tea stuck by the template that was designed by Kurt, Krist and Dave. Those songs blasted the cob webs away and became grunge staples.

Un Utero was a blast. An album that never quite outdid Nevermind, but it had its songs to hold up against the brilliance of that masterful opus.

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