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As the leaves change and fall and skeletons scatter across suburban lawns, things tend to slow for many artists. After all, many festivals are outdoors and thus fall during the summer; afterwards, artists often go into hibernation to varying degrees. Even so, these new tracks are proof that there are plenty of fall releases to enjoy as well.

MYFEVER – Unglued

It has continually been a curiosity to discover a band online and then meet them in person some point thereafter; this has been even more jarring when it’s it’s press submissions or Spotify discoveries coalesced into cross-country moves. MYFEVER is one such band that has rightly fallen off my radar – they’ve been dark for a number of years, seeing Weston T. Hine focus primarily on solo and co-writing efforts. “Unglued” is nonetheless a band effort, a sort of 90s sitcom track that has a carefree and nostalgic energy to it. It’s easy to imagine some sort of closing scene in a movie underneath its pensive, indie ruminations. I know there are a few other songs planned in the future, so consider this a light appetizer.

Gatto Black – Solastalgia

Gatto Black is back and better than ever. “Solastalgia” is a whirlwind of melodic hardcore that holistically is stronger than its predecessor EP. There are hints of Crime in Stereo at play, and that alone has me sold. Production is particularly clever, sometimes seeing a harmony between concurrent screaming and singing. Guitars are undeniably crazy – Josh from Thought Trials has lent his talents here, and it pays off. This is the loudest and rowdiest iteration of Gatto Black to date and I’m a huge fan.

Zane Vickery – Whatever Light We Have

Just a year since a near fatal crash, Zane Vickery has returned with a track about hypocrisy, lifeless faith, futility, and hope that somehow survives it all. Stylistically, it’s not too different than his previous EP, filled with post-rock/post-hardcore type guitar parts and his trademark vocal swells. As always, there are some very quotable lyrics, like “All good intention, no guts to give a damn.” This is all wrapped up in what appears to be sandwiched between references to the drive where he was hit head-on. I’m not entirely sure what the status on the album is, but I know we can at least expect to see a few more songs in the near future.

American Arson – Hammer & Gavel

This is quite possibly the heaviest American Arson track to date, a something-core type song calling for divine justice to fall. The Detroit duo have already shown quite a spectrum of what to expect on their upcoming LP between this track and the “Heat” trilogy. This isn’t particularly unexpected as every release has taken a bit of a different angle, and there’s still a cinematic element behind all of the craziness at play here, too.

Dylan Case White – Carry It Anyhow

Following in, or perhaps catapulting beyond, the lyrical sensitivity of his previous record, Dylan Case White has released one of the most raw and heartbreaking tracks that falls within the “Christian” label. Musically, it’s just vocals and guitar, cementing the track’s extreme vulnerability. There are most certainly threads of hope, but the struggles here are not presented lightly nor vaguely.

Fever Dolls – Halcyon Days

I’ve been following Fever Dolls since their inception, and their quirky aesthetics and playful songwriting often overlaps with social commentary and slice-of-life quips. “Halycon Days” isn’t particular anything new to the formula, but it might be a great introduction for first-time listeners wondering what the recipe is: male and female duo vocals, upbeat indie rock, mid-tempo arrangements, and a sort of whimsical mood are all present. Check it out below.

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