Of Mice & Men – Echo

American metalcore band Of Mice And Men have become somewhat pioneers in the genre. Their emotional touch hasn’t gone unnoticed either, with many of their songs providing a haven for the disenchanted and the lonely. These songs could be perceived as being like crutches, holding up the people who listen to every chord and word, and that’s what Of Mice And Men want, people to realise they’re not alone.

The band’s latest album, Echo, hits hard. All the album’s that this band has produced hit hard, but there’s a certain commentary running through this record. The band do not want to be pigeonholed either, they want their music to flourish without prejudice, and Echo is a statement of intent musically and lyrically.

Not everyone will like this band’s music. It is rough; it is ready; it is fearless, but on a whole it is compelling. The guitar strokes elevate, the powerful percussion hits the heart like a cannonball, and those vocals pierce through the over-skin of relevance. Shooting for the stars with this record, the band should do, as they’ve honed their skills to the absolute maximum, and it shows on Echo.

The record provides us with ten songs worthy of praise. Timeless offers a slow build up until the guitars drive in. Technical and loud, it’s a fearless start. The chorus offers clean vocals. Obsolete is a drumming masterclass, and the technical riff provides a fiery contrast. Again, the chorus fires up the adrenaline. Bloom is an intelligent, guitar driven and breakneck track offering powerful vocals and lyrics describing endless pain.

Echo tackles personal pain. Of Mice And Men don’t shy away from conveying their feelings, and the band seems to know that the world isn’t all prettiness and joy. Their music points towards the fallen.  

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