Pageant Boys Debuts Reverb-Washed Single “Saint Peter”

Alex Sheppard’s latest track under the Pageant Boys moniker opens with the reverberations not unlike that of an empty cathedral. This certainly isn’t any accident. “Saint Peter” explores loss and personal transformation in the light of rediscovering the world. And over the course of the track’s four-minute span, it’s easy to imagine Sheppard alone in a church, employing reverent petitions for clarity on what’s next.

Musically, the track is centered on a lofi pop sound; like many artists, Sheppard has expanded his craft beyond songwriting to nearly every creative angle of the project—even including videography. It’s not off-base to classify that as bedroom pop as a result, though this track shows a bit more soul (both musically and literally) than other artists under this umbrella.

“Saint Peter” is the third track released from the upcoming Pageant Boys album. Haunted is the culmination of a decade of work and sees the concept of dark lyrical themes juxtaposed against bright melodies fanned out more fully. Stay tuned for the full collection to experience the culmination of Sheppard’s creative efforts.

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