Palm! w/ Water From Your Eyes – LIVE! At THE END

I find myself at The End on a random Tuesday, just after the weather has gone from cold to unbearable. The sidewalks of Nashville are empty but there is still a crowd of indie kids that’ll bundle up for a show at the local dive. The only reason to step out into the courtyard is to bum a cigarette. Bruce stands behind the bar serving drinks to the riff-raff like he has been since 1999.

In the midst of a tour of the US, Palm and Water From Your Eyes made a stop in Nashville. Palm is a band from Philly but they’re part of the Brooklyn scene where Water From Your Eyes has called home for about 6 years. According to Nate, they’ve been taking the band seriously for about three of those.

Water From My Eyes, is sort of a post-punk/rock band. In a way their music confuses me, I had a hard time placing it in a genre. They sort of have ambient noise that plays behind their set. I would say there are a lot of elements of ambient music in their songs. Racheal, the lead singer’s voice is sort of ambiguous they speak/sing in a melodramatic way. Their voice is soft and sweet, there’s no drummer. However, there is a drum machine, synth and ambient noise playing on a pre-recorded track.

I’m actually not quite sure if I should dance or just sway along to the music. It sort of depends on the song. I would say that sometimes there are sort of dissonant noises that play unexpectedly. There’s Nate with bleach blonde hair as guitarist number 1 and AL, guitarist number 2 who sort of stares at their shoes and looks wicked cool. There was a brief intermission as Palm set up their various electronic instruments.

The main attraction takes to the stage! If you’re not familiar with Palm, they are an indie band with avant-garde electronic sounds. The band was started by high school friends Eve Alpert and Kasra Kurt when they attended Bard College in New York. What’s funny about the band is they’re excellent musicians but sort of stiff performers, I think it’s just sort of their style. I would describe it as experimental pop with post-punk sounds, the internet describes their music as art rock and avant-pop.

I think they might be the coolest looking band I’ve seen in a while. What’s strange about their music is that it’s certainly avant-garde, but they have had some commercial success. Their songs are featured on playlists like “ultimate indie artists 2020”.

It’s really an honor to watch such a great band in an intimate venue like The End. They have skillfully crafted melodies and harmonies that they put effects over. It’s very resonant, even as I stepped outside I felt the building vibrate.

Hopefully you can catch Palm and Water From Your Eyes on the rest of their tour in a city near you!! Buy a CD why don’t ya!! Follow Palm on IG here and Water From Your Eyes on IG here.

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