Everything is going to the dogs, and this world seems to have a gaping hole in its resolve. Punk rock can’t save the world, but it can make it seem more bearable, giving the fans of the genre a chance to walk with their heads held high. Strong hearts and minds are needed more than ever. Afflictions need to be eradicated, thrown into fire. Paperback Tragedy is a band giving their emotions to the cause, and their hearts are deeply in it for the long haul. Crashing instrumentals embed the songs that they’ve created, and this kind of punk is far from being soulless.

Triumphs are hard to come by in this world nowadays. You have to work your fingers to the bone to get your point across, and you must be at the start of the line or you’re destined to hit obscurity. This band, don’t want to fall into the middle where the vultures can attack, as their music is too good for that. It is fast-paced, its breakneck, and in your face, but all good punk rock has that quality about it. Stark and volatile, the lyrics also paint pictures and give us an insight into ruin and consequence.

There’s 12 songs here. Autumn Again blasts away the cobwebs of the past, and the future seems ordinary but as safe as it can be. The riff commits to glory, and the lyrics glow like a beacon of light. Although, this is the case, they still have that pessimistic tone. Deep Inside describes a broken heart and shattered dreams, and the riff blooms into something more than 3 chords. It’s another stab at negativity. I’ll Be Okay offers a fast and volatile riff, and the days of wonder are far gone. The chorus is as punk as it gets.

Paperback Tragedy confirms their stance as a punk rock band looking for a change in direction, and Threeshe! is their statement.

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