Pensively fun songs [single reviews]

By Ryan G

Lo Tom – “Overboard”: “You really messed me up” is a brutally honest way to begin a song. Yet, it isn’t a line that’s altogether terribly surprising for a band that consists of members of Pedro the Lion and Starflyer 59. Jason Martin’s trademark guitar tones and David Bazan’s emotive vocals are unsurprisingly standout elements. I’m excited to see where this supergroup goes.

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Blessed – “Endure”: For a song that seems to be about perseverance, the tone of the song is a little more cerebral than I expected. That’s with knowing virtually nothing about the band Blessed. The genre seems to be a hybrid of emo, math rock, and garage rock. The vocals remind me a little bit of Interpol. This is definitely one of the more eclectic singles I’ve jammed in a while. In spite of the song not being traditionally aggressive, it (along with the music video) certainly tells a story and progresses to a fun climax.

Joywave – “It’s a Trip!”: The first single from Joywave’s forthcoming album Content is as vaguely unsettling as it is fun. And I’m not just saying that because of the music video. The modern new wave sound I expected has been somewhat pre-empted by what sounds like surf rock in a minor key, which I don’t expect to hear too often.

Karl Phillips and the Rejects – “Plastic Gangsta”: Come on now, you know we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to feature a video from a hip hop/ska/punk hybrid band. A combination that we had no clue existed until a minute ago! This is by far the most fun song on our list of tunes featured this week. Plus, I have to give a shout out to that infectious guitar. Well done!

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