petrol girls – baby

Tight guitar work and evocative wordplay come in fast on Petrol Girl’s record Baby. The act is rough and ready for the incoming tide, and their music highlights political strife. They’ve always been an outspoken band, one constructing songs which hit against the bones and the mind, while electrifying the nerves. Baby is a highly charged album that meets expectations, and the drama confirms the band do not care, and they’re freely telling how it is.

Grand guitar work and grandiosity interlock well here. And the band aren’t fitting their music with unnecessary features, they’re going in with perfect notes while keeping their music original. The impact of this LP may raise questions, as the act do not wrap anything up or keep anything under the table. They insightfully mention what they feel in a musical way, and you what, it’s the best way to communicate. Art is boundless, and it is equipped for the test.

Petrol Girls has taken many punk and rock elements and has put them into a bundle to create something that goes close to chaotic. Though, this is the case, coherence does play a part, and the music isn’t a jumbled mess, it’s done with precision. Feed My Fire is a good representation. It’s a frantic track, brought to the forefront of guitar madness. The roughness is engaging. Clowns is fuzzy and breakneck, showcasing that Petrol Girls don’t do things by halves. The lyrics are poetic. Violent By Design batters along, and the instrumentals pepper the song well. The vocals are slightly strained until they cool down for a moment.

Petrol Girls are rebellious here. They’re not lying down to the state of the world. They’ve actually made a record that pulsates and goes against the grain, and we’re the ones with the best seats.

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