Pick Your Slice from Static Palms’ 4 Slices

Over the course of the past 8 months Milwaukee based emo/pop punk band, Static Palms, have released a couple of two song EPs aptly titled 2 Songs (November 08, 2021) and 2 More (March 28, 2022). Those releases have culminated to the release of 4 Slices via Outcast Tape Infirmary.

If you’ve been following the band for a while then this is really nothing new. However, for those that are new to Static Palms you will be delighted by their brand of pop punk as it is definitely not what you would generally expect from the genre.

“Screwtape” opens with a well balanced blend that is more on the pop side rather than the punk side. It might seem like a bit of a slow burn, but is a solid track nonetheless. “Tiny Pianos” follows and feel very reminiscent of Jimmy Eat World in all the right ways and has very full and atmospheric sound to the track.

“Brothers” carries a bit of the JEW vibe as well but tacks on some New Found Glory for good measure. It’s another solid venture and is probably the most fun track of the group. “Eater” closes things out with a bit of a more mellow opening that quickly rolls in to the most punk aspect of the EP.

Overall, 4 Slices is a solid effort and a great introduction to the band and their blend of pop punk goodness. However, as previously stated these tracks have been out for a while now and aren’t exactly new, but if the band is new to you then hopefully it is a breath of fresh air for you as it was with me. They are definitely a band to keep on eye on for what is sure to come.

You can listen to 4 Slices via the band’s Bandcamp page (and order a limited cassette if you’re in to that).

Static Palms 2 More EP

You can follow the band on social media via Facebook.

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