Pikefruit – Sprig

By Ryan G

If you wanted a Sylvan Esso record with vocals reminiscent of a dream-pop Kacey Musgraves, Sprig might be your jam.

This album has an allure that is hard for me to resist. It overcomes most shortcomings the EP has—the main one being that sometimes the flow feels odd. I can’t tell if that’s on purpose because of odd time signatures, or if for another reason. “Wedding Bells” has a weird rhythmic “glitch” that feels odd for a song centered on love.

In any case, this isn’t a blog meant to call attention to bands’ shortcomings. I only bring this up to say that the songs overcome some elements that could be distracting to give me a feeling that’s all too rare for me when I listen to music these days. I’ve felt it when listening to large artists like M83 and Sylvan Esso or midsize artists like Young Magic and Bear in Heaven.

Most songs are light and airy, like walking through an ethereal garden in Middle Earth. “Stars” is a departure from this overarching vibe, landing in a lane that is somewhere between “rainy afternoon drive” and “sparkly nighttime wonder.” Seeing as this duo resides in Seattle, the rain element definitely makes sense. A highlight of the EP comes early on in “Streetlights,” in which there’s a strong juxtaposition of bass and high synth melodies. It’s a poignant effect. To me, the strongest song on the EP is “Hold You,” a simple, dark synthpop track that is striking as an expression of raw passion.

I think one of the reasons I enjoy music like this is that I’m drawn to water. I’m not a particularly amazing swimmer, and I tend to get seasick, but I find the sound of waves more than relaxing—cathartic, even. I’ve always been drawn toward colors on the cool spectrum. They say everyone has a bit of a tendency to associate certain colors with sounds. And, this EP definitely brings these visuals to my mind’s eye.

Pikefruit certainly have all the makings of a duo that could travel with the likes of Sylvan Esso, Pure Bathing Culture, or even Beach House on the road.

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