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Canadian punk rock band Pkew Pkew Pkew describes a destructive world on their LP Open Bar. Some songs ache in an emotional manner, and some are rowdy, but they are all statements, and have that undercurrent of deep thought and resolution. And the band aren’t out to change the complexion of punk rock, they’re profoundly placing their own intelligent slant into what is a forward-thinking genre. There are so many bands trying their hardest to breakout, and Pkew Pkew Pkew, know they have the fundamentals to chisel through the wall, the barricade, and make it the other-side, where everything is fruitful.

Open Bar has the right sound, that punk rock rallying cry. It doesn’t feel weighed down by too much tinkering or polish, it actually keeps the punk rock influence intact, providing the listener with a fresh, bashful chime. And there are times when the record falls into a melodic sequence, dazzling with subtle vocals and desirable acoustic flair. The band has crafted these melodies intricately, keeping their sound driven and interesting. Often, some albums derail from being fully interesting due to lack of ingenuity and subject, but as a whole, Open Bar delves progressively.

Let The Bridges We Burn Light The Way start the record off with a impactful message. It begins quietly until the vocals come in and the guitars increase the song sonically. The song describes decay and the fat cats who sap every last dime. Maybe Someday is another well-crafted track. Mistakes arise, and the world seems to be too much for the protagonist of this story. Safety Last has a formidable riff, and the punk rock vibe becomes a potent charge. The tight instrumentals are pristine here. Drinking In The Park conveys a story about drinking until the sun disappears. It’s a deep track, created to tell a tale of memories.

Pkew Pkew Pkew flies the flag for underground punk. Open Bar is a melodic charge for clarity.

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