Play Tulsa Music Relaunches Recover Program with $350,000 in Funding

The Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts & Culture announced the 2022 relaunch of Play Tulsa Music, a recovery program which leverages a $350,000 fund to enable Tulsa County venues to hire local musicians for live performances.   

“Since the initial launch of Play Tulsa Music in September of 2020, we’ve leveraged $190,000 that was distributed to 26 venues in Tulsa County, helping to support more than 700 local performances,” said Abby Kurin, executive director of Tulsa FMAC. “This program has not only kept our musicians performing safely throughout the pandemic but also has supported our venues by using live music to attract business.” 

The program relaunched in 2021 with $100,000 of private funding and supported 600 local performances in 18 venues from July to September 2021. 

“Many communities wish they had a music scene like we have,” said Tulsa County Commissioner Karen Keith. “A thriving musical community is easier to protect than to rebuild.” 

“Through the Tulsa Music Strategy study, we learned that music has an annual $335 million impact on our economy, this is from coffeeshops hosting acoustic sets to performances at the Tulsa PAC,” said Mark Frie, CEO of the Tulsa PAC and Chair of Tulsa FMAC. “Supporting our live music scene is a must, and we are very appreciative of Tulsa County Commissioners for supporting this important industry.” 

Eligible Play Tulsa Music funding recipients include music venues, attractions, restaurants, bars, hotels and festivals located within Tulsa County. Venues may apply to offset 50% of artist performance fees incurred between April 1 and December 31. Up to 15% of funding will be used for towns outside of Tulsa but within Tulsa County. 

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