Tuned Up Podcast

At this time, the Tuned Up Podcast is on hiatus. If you are interested in hosting, email iamtunedup@gmail.com. We wish Joe the best in his future endeavors!

So, what is the Tuned Up Podcast? We are hoping to start the conversation by getting to know various movers and shakers in the industry, discussing everything from gear to the wild stories and the music anecdotes you want to hear. Oh, and it’s hosted by that dude up there – That’s Joe Leppanen. He plays in a band called The Forty. [that photo was taken by Jenna Doolittle at our own Steadfast Festival 2019]

We hope you’ll subscribe and leave a rating here (on iTunes). You can also follow us on Spotify. Or, you can go to the episodes below. Thanks for visiting this corner of Tuned Up. We hope you enjoy the conversation.

Episode 50: Last Youth

Episode 49: Euvoia (formerly known as Graceful Closure)

Episode 48: Will Carlson

Episode 47: Jon Worthy and the Bends

Episode 46: Overgrow

Episode 45: Frankie Soleil

Episode 44: Pray For Sleep (the return)

Episode 43: Cream Camino

Episode 42: To Kill a Monster

Episode 41: Devin Summers

Episode 40: Courtney From Work

Episode 39: My Epic

Episode 38: Ryan Ritchea

Episode 37: Chris & Amanda Bernstorf

Episode 36: Dave Buker & The Historians

Episode 35: La Pore

Episode 34: Morning Theft

Episode 33: Urbania

Episode 32: Cousin Simple

Episode 31: Carried By 6 (Sarob, Joey Aich)

Episode 30: Steadfast Special

Episode 29: Ghost Soul Trio

Episode 28: Black Coffee

Episode 27: Del & The Wave

Episode 26: A Decade Apart

Episode 25: The Castros

Episode 24: Zach Frost

Episode 23: We Are The Movies

Episode 22: Harmless Habit

Episode 21: Dan Colasanto (When All We Love Is Lost)

Episode 20: Hales On-Air

Episode 19: PFC Pierce

Episode 18: a conversation with founder Ryan Getz

Episode 17: label me lecter

Episode 16: Ex-Nihilo

Episode 15: Heroes Like Villains

Episode 14: Hello Luna

Episode 13: Pray For Sleep

Episode 12: Sound Engineer Nick Magoteaux

Episode 11: Absolute Hero

[Episode 10 redacted]

Episode 9: Sarob

Episode 8: Something Else

Episode 7: Recording Engineer Jakob Mooney

Episode 6: The Forty and Summer NAMM Discussion

Episode 5: Jared Mahone

Episode 4: 90’s Kids

Episode 3: DAYMARE

Episode 2: Zoo Trippin’

Episode 1: Captain Kidd