Premiere: Bliss Nova – Feel So High (feat. Brijean)

Even before I didn’t have much to miss, chillwave was a genre that was full of nostalgia and longing. I might not have had much to look on back in the moment, but I knew certain moments would be framed with rosy retrospection and the longing for simpler days.

Now, over a decade later, the genre still wields an uncanny ability to transport me – not simply to 2010 but even further back to the origins of genres that it borrows from.

Toledo’s Bliss Nova seem to understand this hypnotic power at their disposal, crafting rhythmic songs of nostalgia and longing. We’re excited to premier “Feel So High”, a song rebirthed from an old demos folder that has thankfully made its way into the public. Fans (or former fans) of Washed Out, Com Truise, Toro y Moi, and similar early ’10s dream pop and chillwave acts will find the track familiar and timeless. It carries the same glimmering optimism and the forerunners of the genre, and the combination of sampled chimes, punchy bass, and a host of percussive and synth elements helps cement the dreaminess of the song. Cap it all off with Brijean’s guest vocals and the result is bright and ethereal. Even so, there are even hints of alt-rock akin to the Arctic Monkeys that surface here and there that give the group crossover appeal. Check “Feel So High” out below. Follow Bliss Nova on Instagram.

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