Premier: Corsicana Ushers in Spring With Bright New Track “Egret”

Most of the western hemisphere is settled into the sultry sounds of birds chirping, flowers blooming, and snow turning to rain. In many states, blizzards were hitting even a few weeks ago. But alas, we are finally entering into spring. Corsicana’s latest track, “Egret”, seems only fitting – in name and in sound – for this change in seasons. And lyrically, it wrestles with the changing seasons of project mastermind Ben Pisano’s own life.

I’ve somehow connected with the Denver scene more and more as time goes on. It’s not New York or LA or even Chicago, but it’s home to some of my favorite artists like Overslept, Silver & Gold, and Instant Empire. Corsicana shares many things in common with these fellow Denver artists: thoughtful lyrics, powerful guitar melodies, and an unabashedly-indie take on things. To give a very brief idea of what to expect, think along the lines of Death Cab for people who don’t listen to Death Cab. There’s something urban, even metropolitan, at play.

“Egret” is a falsetto-laden track with a rhythmic underbelly that anchors it on the verge of far heavier bands. Pisano’s voice is reminiscent of artists like Protest the Hero or Narco Debut, but instead of opting for the full intensity of post-hardcore, Corsicana runs the paces of mid-tempo indie. Even so, energy abounds. It’s easy to articulate what a summer soundtrack might sound like, but spring? “Egret” perhaps occupies this space well. It feels like a return to vibrancy after a cold, dead slumber. It has the subtle softness of rain and the mystery of yet-to-be vacations. Listen below:

The single precedes Corsicana’s forthcoming third LP, Kept. The album was record primarily in Pisano’s childhood home, yet its themes explore the journey into adulthood. Nostalgia collides with modern songwriting, while lyrics ruminate on failed relationships, destructive patterns, and finding hope in troubled times. Be sure to keep up with Corsicana with any of the links below.

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