Premiere: Get Building Sandcastles with This New Adam Saxe Tune

Last August I stumbled across an artist originally from my hometown of Beavercreek, Ohio – his new single had just released and had been shared by a mutual friend in my Facebook newsfeed, so of course I felt compelled to give it a listen. Little did I know that the Nashville-based singer’s 2016 track would get stuck in my head for months on end, earning it a spot in my top ten favorite songs from the year.

Fast forward almost a year, and Adam Saxe is back with a brand new jam just in time for the summer. I honestly thought that there would be no way Saxe could top “Bad Soul,” and yet he has somehow managed to do just that with “Sandcastles.” The nasty electronic beat ebbs and flows as he ooh’s and ah’s in a way not much different from a Bruno Mars or a Jason Derulo. With a funky backbeat, Saxe’s R&B croons, and a catchy pop sensibility, “Sandcastles” is the perfect soundtrack to your next beach party. Perhaps the coolest part about the tune though is that its finish matches up perfectly with its beginning, allowing for a seamless transition for any of you like me who will want to keep it on constant loop. But don’t take my word for it – catch our premiere of the tune right here, and if you like what you hear, you can stream or download it wherever you get your music on demand.

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