Premiere: Olivia Frances releases visualizer for “The Bee & The Rose” – a light-hearted song with purpose.

By Ryan G

Did you know that August 15th is National Honeybee Day?

I certainly didn’t. But Nashville based singer-songwriter Olivia Frances is a driven individual. The environmentally conscious artist has been making waves in both Nashville and Ohio, via strategic networking and her down-to-earth personality, mixed with her noteworthy style.

Olivia was actually set to perform at Ohio’s Bellwether Festival this summer, before COVID put a damper on that. We bring this up because her sound fits right in on a festival grounds known for hosting the Ohio Renaissance Fair and for an eclectic alternative lineup. So, naturally, we at Tuned Up were stoked to check out her single about bees.

Friends, it does not disappoint. And apparently, many others agreed with us. A sampling of accolades garnered by “The Bee & the Rose” includes a nomination for the Best Story Song at the 18th Annual Independent Music Awards and being a finalist in the 9th Annual Maine Songwriting Competition. More importantly, it draws attention to environmental conservation efforts aimed at preserving our bee populations in a fun, whimsical, and memorable way. There’s something approachable about her vocal style as well that invites further exploration into the topic at hand.

Olivia leaves no stone unturned and doesn’t want to leave any hives behind either. The visualizer for this fun, sweeping song, which can be viewed below, is inspired by Fleetwood Mac’s album art for Tango in the Night. Design and animation credits belong to Allie Oliver-Burns at Posemanikin, and the song was co-written with Michael Astrachan.

Follow Olivia Frances on Instagram. She shares several helpful anecdotes about the current bee crisis and how you can help there.

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