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Royal Blood – “Typhoons”: Laden with grooves galore, the second single and title track from Royal Blood’s third studio album is both driving and danceable. As a result, “Typhoons” is a fresh take on the Brighton-based duo’s signature sound, with thundering beats from drummer Ben Thatcher, and a roaring bass riff from frontman Mike Kerr that effortlessly mirrors his own siren-like cries.

Dead Poet Society – “.loveyoulikethat.”: Boston rockers Dead Poet Society have been on my radar for nearly four years, so when I found out that their highly-anticipated debut full-length was finally releasing this March, the term satisfying felt like a bit of an understatement. Everything about “.loveyoulikethat.” is massive in scope, from the captivating croons of frontman Jack Underkofler, to the raucous riffing throughout, to the steady shuffle beat that holds everything together.

Bonelang – “Quiche”: After releasing two LP’s in the last two years, Chicago natives Bonelang are declaring 2021 to be the year of getting “back to the basics” with plans to release new music every two weeks. The first single in this self-produced “series” is “Quiche,” a hard-hitting trap tune with a catchy piano line and a reflective mood overall. By no means is it unusual territory for Bonelang, but then again, if it isn’t broken (and for them it’s not), why bother trying to “fix” it?

serpentwithfeet – “Fellowship”: After receiving widespread acclaim a couple of years back for his 2018 debut, serpentwithfeet is finally back with a new song entitled “Fellowship,” the first track released from the soil follow-up. “Fellowship,” like its title suggests, is an ode to friendships that feel both upbeat and ethereal, effortlessly graceful yet inherently percussive. An assist from Sampha on the song’s chorus helps give the already-bright tune this extra-soulful edge, paving the way for DEACON, slated to drop in just under two months.

tUnE-yArDs – “hold yourself.”: Three years removed from issuing their last LP (and my #2 album of the year for 2018), Oakland’s tUnE-yArDs is back with a groovy new tune. Not unlike much of their other material, “hold yourself.” is teeming with subtle hints of dissonance and this captivating saxophone line, both of which take full control at song’s end. The ensuing result is a climactic cacophony that eventually cuts things off, one that I can only presume will lead straight into “Sometime,” the immediate successor to “hold yourself.” on the forthcoming sketchy.  

Middle Kids – “Questions”: On “Questions” Australian indie rock trio Middle Kids explore the plight of people who are always around each other and yet are never actually all that close. The entire message of the song is perfectly encapsulated by its opening line: “How am I supposed to trust you when you are lying all the time?” It’s a song whose serious, profound tone makes for quite the contrast with its instrumentally fun, carefree nature on the surface.

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