Rambunctious Trio Bring The Fever To Fort Wayne’s Newest Concert Venue: Review + Photo Gallery

(Photos courtesy of Grace Crume for Sliced Photography. All rights reserved.)

When letlive. announced they had parted ways a little over a year ago, many fans were unaware that frontman Jason Aalon Butler already had another project in the works. Almost overnight, he resurfaced with The FEVER 333, a fiercely political trio that walks the line of hardcore and hip-hop. The band, which also consists of Night Verses’ Aric Improta on drums and guitarist Stephen “Stevis” Harrison of The Chariot, released three singles last year before dropping their Made An America EP by surprise just two months ago. As a band who has consistently had my attention since I first heard their lead single last summer, I was excited to learn that they were opening up for The Used, while also getting to as many of the spring festivals as they could.

Among the stops for this tour with The Used (and Red Sun Rising, the other supporting act) was The Clyde Theatre, a brand new music venue to northeast Indiana that had just opened up their doors last month. The newest venue to Fort Wayne is an old movie theater that was revamped for concerts, so recently in fact that this show with The Used was The Clyde’s first official, ticketed event. I can think of no better way to properly baptize the stage than with a raucous rock performance, and that is exactly what The FEVER 333 provided while opening up for The Used. Butler, Improta, and Harrison were hardly on stage for half an hour, but the trio was able to pack many of their tracks into the brief set, including most of the cuts from Made An America.

Whether it was their vicious lead single “We’re Coming In” towards the beginning of the set, or the blazing “Hunting Season” near set’s end, the latter of which was one of my favorite tracks from all of last year, one thing the Los Angeles-based collective never lacked was intensity. All three members brought an incredible stage presence, a contagious sort of energy that the audience fed right into, even if the vast majority of the crowd had never heard of The FEVER 333 before. Their set served as the perfect catalyst for the night, and while both Red Sun Rising and The Used delivered impressive sets afterwards, the sheer intensity brought by the L.A. trio is one that remained unparalleled, even by the end of the night. Keep an eye out for The FEVER 333, as I have a sneaking suspicion that they have much more planned for 2018 and the years to come.

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