Real Friends – Torn In Two

Pop punk experts Real Friends walk back into the limelight with their daring EP Torn In Two. The act, have honed their craft since their inception in 2010, balancing tightly designed guitar riffs and thought-provoking lyricism. These weaved lyrics often centre around heartbreak and the suburban monotony the band has faced. This makes for a compelling musical venture of pop punk urgency and insightful storytelling.

Lead by vocalist Cody Muraro, who sings with confidence and verve. He’s stuck in limbo at times and throughout the EP Torn In Two he vocalises downtrodden feelings, lost love. This all stems from what occurs in his head. He’s clearly lost in life, desperate for relief, gasping for a distraction. It isn’t an optimistic listen, this EP. It’s one for the disengaged, the ones broken-hearted, the fallen army.

Although Torn In Two signifies rage and nervous energy, it’s still highly listenable, with engaging plot lines and drama. Muraro engages, he sings, conveying through these 5 songs, beaten optimism. Within the record, sadness does come through, it does power on, but in these times, it’s relevant.

Remedy For Reality strikes first. Muraro needs a remedy to fix himself. Reality seems out of touch, and clarity is needed. The song hits hard, musically, and lyrically, with those pop punk notes punching high. Nervous Wreck is imaginative. The ghosts are out in droves. Muraro sings urgently, complimenting the fast-paced instrumentals. The song has no let up, it’s angry and relentless. Teeth augments the record with acoustic notes. Muraro draws from memory. He’s hurt and craves medicine. It’s one of the band’s most heartfelt tracks.

Real Friends put all their effort into this engaging, but stricken EP. They spill all here, and its honesty at a different level.

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