Review: Weeknight – Post Everything (2014)

By Ryan G

Consider Weeknight a dark horse duo. Dark new wave is probably the best way to describe the sound.

Weeknight is rather straightforward in their approach to songwriting. This is likely to be polarizing. For audiophiles like me that enjoy massive sounds, its a plus. Post Everything will bore some people though. The at times monotonous vocals, sung by significant others Andy and Holly, are purposely so. All the vocals are backed by a drum machine, ambient eerie synth hooks, and fuzzy guitar riffs that at times take desperate and frantic twists and turns. What makes each song stand apart from one another is the tempo and melody of the hook – to be found in the instrumentals and not the singing.

I personally love the record. Last time I got into something this much upon first listen was the release of Purity Ring’s Shrines. Now, I don’t think Post-Everything has the longevity of Shrines but it is an incredibly promising first release. “Sound of My Voice”, with it’s stead rhythms, just screams “veteran songwriter” to the listener – whether or not they enjoy it.

The ideal listening environment is in the middle of a nightclub that you have to walk down an alley to get to, at around 2 AM. However, as I type this I’m sitting in the middle of a rich gated community in Jupiter, FL in the middle of a sunny 80 degree day and somehow finding the capacity to still significantly enjoy it. That’s the hallmark of good music – can be enjoyed anywhere, yet is accentuated by certain key settings.

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The duo truly shines when they let the guitar take the forefront, which happens most prolifically in the final track, titled “Heartache.” “I’m the Beaches” exemplifies this too, although don’t think this is a tropical track. If anything, put this on your iPod on a foggy 6AM jog if you happen to live near a beach.

Post-Everything is an apt title for this record. Weeknight wants to tackle many aspects of life and then present them from a place “beyond” the familiar.

Score: 4.2/5

Weeknight is on iTunes, bandcamp and Facebook! Check em out!

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