Rising Seas – Self Titled EP

Rough around the edges and sobering, Rising Seas self-titled EP blasts through the status quo and normality. Their music highlights social leanings and disparity, and while this EP sounds upbeat at moments, it’s actually a collection of songs which are bittersweet, emotionally pragmatic, and breakneck. Melody plays a pivotal role too, and punk rock takes center stage, pushing the listener out into a sweaty bar, where drinks are aplenty and where love has some reason. Although this is the case, the music still resonates so highly.

The EP rises through the fire, and the songs are quick, pulsating, breaking down the normal 3 chord template. The chords are technical, the minds of these musicians are eventful, and the music is triumphant. While the overlapping guitar sound plays on, the lyrics play underneath, establishing a story of unrelenting pain and outrage, and the band mops up every piece of inspiration to place in their art.

The band also describes the world as a base for the broken. Lyrically, there are times when they can be close to the bone and vivid, but this is the only way they can express in depth. And there’s something completely satisfactory about a band telling the truth.

The EP is short and snappy. “Now Is The Time” opens softly, and then the guitars blast through, creating a contrast. The vocals barge through with power, and there’s plenty of heart and soul here. “Draw Our Lines” is a technical punk thriller, with powerful percussion and gritty vocals. Social unrest and manipulation is conveyed here. “On And On” is a swansong worthy of acclaim. So fast and volatile, it tells stories, and fear bursts its banks. War kills humility.

Rising Seas take their sound into the sweaty bars where love has some reason. Their sound is punk personified.

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  1. John Heffron

    Thanks for this awesome review, Mark! We appreciate you taking the time to listen and include this on your site. We are stoked you enjoyed it!


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