Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever-Endless Rooms

Post-Punk is everywhere. Right now, 6 out of 10 new bands make post-punk music (I just made that up, but it sounds true right?). This type of music, recalling the synth-laden new-wave that came to prominence in the 1980’s has become as ubiquitous as pop-punk in the late 90’s and Christian metalcore in the early 2000’s. This isn’t to say that the music being made is bad. But the post-punk scene is reaching saturation point.

One of the best examples of the genre right now are Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. This Aussie band burst onto the scene in 2016, releasing two EP’s before they put out their first full length, Hope Downs, in 2018. Following that they dropped another EP and full length. Endless Rooms is their 2022 follow-up to 2020’s Sideways to New Italy. All were released on Sub Pop.

Endless Rooms ticks all the right boxes of a good post-punk album: angular, sharp guitar melodies and fast-popping danceable drum and bass pattern.  The vocals punch but have plenty of melodicism. Unfortunately, the lyrics get sidelined at times for the overall sound. But that’s not atypical of modern post-punk, and the sound is what you’re there for anyway.

In spite of being their third proper album, Rolling Blackouts C.F. stick mostly to the post-punk formula. This is fine because it works very well for them. Sonically, they are more New Order than Joy Division. And that’s good news because in today’s world, having something danceable and upbeat is a welcome respite.

Just because a band’s music tends more towards major keys doesn’t mean they have nothing to say. New Order made plenty of positive jams with meaningful lyrics. The second track “Tidal River” speaks to climate change. And “The Way It Shatters” calls out anti-immigrant sentiments.

The stand-out track on the album is “Dive Deep” which features a deeply affective guitar line, heartfelt lyrics, and a lovelorn protagonist who would make The Cure’s Robert Smith proud.

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