Round up: 3 indie rock hits you need on your fall playlist

Ben Franklin” by Snail Mail

“Ben Franklin,” the second single from the upcoming album Valentine, makes it clear that the wounds Lindsey Jordan licked on previous records remain wide open. 

Until now, the Snail Mail oeuvre has reflected raw, adolescent yearning, cathartic choruses, and acoustic indie-pop instrumentation. On “Ben Franklin,” though, Jordan murmurs and sneers over a synth-driven arrangement built around one of her heaviest bass lines to date. While seething at an ex-lover with jaded lines like, “Got money, don’t care about sex,” she can’t quite submit to the numbness she tries to channel. The further Jordan tries to lean into her uglier professions of hatred, the more her characteristic honesty seeps through the cracks. [Featured photo above by Tina Tyrell]

“Black Eye/Bad Night” by Motherfolk

“Black Eye/Bad Night” is about causing bad night after bad night for yourself. With surf rock/garage rock influences like Mike Krol, Culture Abuse, and Charly Bliss, you won’t be able to sit still while listening.

“The idea that kickstarted the song was the 8-bit Nintendo sounding lead in the post-chorus. I recorded all the instruments in that whole section first and built the rest of the song around it. It was such an odd and intriguing sound and I knew I wanted it to be a whole song,” says Dickerson. 

“Black Eye/Bad Night” is the third single following “Anchor” and “Head Above Water” from Motherfolk’s upcoming album The Flower, due out November 5th.

“I Was A Tunnel” by Generationals 

“I Was a Tunnel” started as a message to myself about trying to let go of the tension and apprehension that comes from feeling powerless, which is how I have felt as of late,” said vocalist Grant Widmer. “Our producer, Caleb, came in and helped us turn that idea into a cohesive song that moves and breathes and adds to the affirmative feeling.”

Previously released songs from the upcoming EP are “Mercy” and “Tryin’ To Reach Ya.” The duo’s most recent album, Reader as Detective, came out in 2019 via Polyvinyl.

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