Ryan Getz Caught Up on a Batch of Killer Singles (see what I did there?)

By Ryan G

Tycho – “Time to Run”

This isn’t your typical Tycho track at first impression. Tycho isn’t one to shy away from attitude (we experienced some of this on Epoch) but that bass motif hits hard. Trademark bright synths and guitarwork still shine through. It’s a fitting start to a new era from the dreamy Bay Area artist. As of the day I’m writing this, Tycho is headlining a self-curated event in the Bay Area that I’m experiencing serious FOMO over. Here’s hoping for a national tour in 2024.

Pray For Sleep – “Shade”

It’s a been a little while since we’ve heard new material from Pray for Sleep, the central Ohio based metalcore act. They’ve always been adept at walking the line between hard hitting riffage and breakdowns, and catchy accessibility. “Shade” fits the bill, but certainly kicks things off in a way that is more brutal than I’m used to. However, it still feels on brand for the band. Grant DeCrane is developing into a very strong and versatile vocalist. In this era where acts like Bad Omens, Spiritbox, and more are proving that catchy heavy music is still as relevant as ever, I hope there’s a lane for Pray For Sleep!

Önnu Jónu Son – “Big Boy Boots”

This gorgeous ballad is one that seems to be tailor made contemplation. It’s nostalgic and wistful without being a downer. The Iceland based artist derives his name from his mother – whom the singer lost at the young age of eleven. The song is a story of loss and moving forward in the face thereof. The single is from the artist’s forthcoming album, titled The Radio Won’t Let Me Sleep. It will be released sometime next year.

7HO3NIX – “Touch Me With Your Words”

We can’t do a singles roundup without touching on (no pun intended) the latest release from R&B/pop singer 7HO3NIX, the stage name of our own Gabrielle Solange. This woman hustles in a way that few artists do that I know personally! Several months ago, I recall hearing about a song she was working on that was a bit more sensual in nature. Several of R&B’s most iconic songs are steamy in nature, so why not explore this herself? She adds her trademark atmospheric spin to the production of the song, and shows great range throughout. Even more so than her preceding single “It Is What It Is,” she shows what her voice can do. This might be the most passionate 7HO3NIX has ever sounded.

Adam Paddock – “Lover”

I’ve seen few artists rise to prominence in Ohio as quickly as soulful pop artist Adam Paddock has in the last year or so. I’m still kind of baffled by it, to be honest. “Lover” is the latest outing from the crooner, who currently splits his time between Columbus and Nashville. The deep, soulful vocals on top an upbeat, high energy bed of pop instrumentation takes some getting used to but is ultimately appealing to a wide demographic of people. At times, I find myself wishing I could hear his vocals “pop” a bit more in the mix, but at the end of the day appreciate the punch and passion of this song.

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