scott sellers – until it hurts

Famed for being the frontman of skate punk band Rufio, Scott Sellers digs deep into his mind and lets it spill meaningful words that resonate on a different level. His emotions are clearly fragile, and his heart has been beaten down occasionally.

The songwriter has embarked on rooting down his solo career with substance and a clear outlook, and with Until It Hurts, he’s managed to create an album full of poignant and noteworthy songs. The lyrics are always wisdom fuelled too, and they’re always sharp with memorable moments in time.

The hooks are aplenty, and the diverse instrumentals ripple through the songs well. Sellers has developed into a prime instrumentalist as well as a pivotal punk songwriter, and this is evident on Until It Hurts. Happiness doesn’t show much here though, as Sellers describes through his songs a midlife crisis as he nears 40. And these lyrics are somewhat pessimistic and they focus on the past and the recklessness that life brings.

Turning 40 isn’t the end of the world. But Sellers sees it as a milestone of misery. Though, he shouldn’t beat himself down, as he’s achieved a lot in this cut throat industry. And Until It Hurts is another golden record to add to the list. Execution starts the record off. Pure punk, it’s abrasive and fast-paced and Sellers sings with authority. And the frontman excels here at conveying his feelings.

Shine is intense. Sellers sings again with ferocity and the guitar wonder is gratifying. He wants to see it through as his world crumbles, and staying relevant plays on his mind. Freaks shows instrumental brilliance. Sellers utilises his vocals well and he describes fear and woes. It’s an intelligent stab at punk.

Ordinary shows Sellers at his best. Lyrically ingenious, the song bursts into a gritty chorus, and it focuses lost hope, and Sellers seems to be sinking.

Scott Sellers is a supremely talented musician who sees the world differently and this is all showcased through Until It Hurts. His intelligent mind and his humble attitude carries him well too. 

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