Single for the Holidays [Single Round Up]

Even though end-of-year lists are set, some artists still are set on putting out a track or two before the year closes out. Check out a couple highlight tracks below from artists you’ll want to watch in 2022.

Hollow Pledge – “Up and Up” (ft Andrés)

Andrés may have put out his own album this year, but that hasn’t stopped him from lending his talents to collaborations. It’s this meeting-of-the-minds that tends to produce the strongest tracks, with talents from progressive rock and swancore influences mashing well with his signature style. This track even includes some Spanish vocal lines and even a note about subscribing to a girl’s OnlyFans account. It’s sort of par for the course when it comes to Andrés’ lyrical trajectory, but the music definitely rounds out any of the lyrical edges.

Big Fat Meanies – “Gatekeeper”

It’s not every day you come across a female-fronted progressive ska band. Big Fat Meanies may have you fooled by their name, but rest assured this latest track will quell any hesitations you might have. Soaring vocals, frenetic horn parts, and even a bit of theatrical darkness create an interesting mood that manages to bridge the gap between Paramore and Five Iron Frenzy.

Overgrow – “Spit”

Columbus-based Overgrow continue in the tradition of Triple Crown-type bands, mixing elements of moody, midwest emo with suitable amounts of ambient intricacy. Think of Moving Mountains, TWIABP, or From Indian Lakes. But there’s also a fair degree of post-punk haze at play, too. Needless to say, this is an act to watch in 2022.

Aireline – “Jettison the Lifeboats”

Tennessee-based Aireline was a forerunner of the Christian emo scene, and though their newest project has been under wraps for a while now, they’ve finally started releasing the first batch of singles. If you’re wondering what came before Cool Hand Luke, Attalus, and My Epic, Aireline is great place to start. And these new singles show what the group look like in the context of modern production.

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