Solo Solo brings the vibes with their Self Titled EP

By Ryan G

The first time I listened to this EP I was in my hometown of Columbus, OH. Now, on my latest listen, I’m in Miami Beach, FL. It’s incredible how different this EP hits based on my geographic location.

Vibey indie rock with surf, psychedelic, and dreamy influences has been my wintertime jam since the origins of this blog. The Austin, Texas based duo seems to be aware of their sound’s versatility. At the same time, its homage to a sound that is imprinted into the pulse of the grassroots music scene of the area. Look at any SXSW lineup and you’ll see dozens of psychedelic bands from Austin.

Solo Solo would be well served to be included on any festival lineup. Listening to “Pure Graffiti,” I find my mind transported to last August at Wonderbus in my hometown of Columbus. Sitting outside in Miami, it’s not hard to imagine the heat. But its a distinct feeling to be sure. Solo Solo are not only adept at the laid-back psychedelic indie sound, but also at midtempo ballads with a pensive twist.

When this band’s publicist reached out to me, he described their music as “Early Tarantino.” I’m not sure what that means. I’m going to assume it means that during a climactic scene in Kill Bill, “No Sleep” could play in the background – perhaps ironically, or not. It’s up to the listener’s interpretation, really. Right after I typed that, a motorcycle revved behind – startling me briefly. That would be a good use for this EP actually – lulling the listener into a false sense of security. Play out a movie scene with a false ending and then BAM.

Right when you’re relaxed – make sure you have that EP on repeat. “Surface Level” will be there like an old friend to cause a stir in you – but in a friendly way.

Let’s get these guys on the road. Give this EP a listen.

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