Spiritbox – Eternal Blue

This is a heavy record spearheading diverse sounds. Canadian metal band Spiritbox has grown meteorically over the last year, instilling every last sinew of their talent into their record Eternal Blue. It’s a behemoth, with intricate instrumentals and lyrics that detail inner strife. Over the course of the album, it all becomes louder and angrier, with lead singer Courtney LaPlante screaming at the top of her lungs and then letting it all drop into a soothing rhythm. Her voice suits the metal sound. It goes through the gears, and it has been toned to the right frequency.

Eternal Blue breaks new ground for Spiritbox. It is their debut full length, and it’s a collection of songs which all interweave to create an impactful storyline full of anecdotes, triumphs and tribulations. LaPlante sings about hope being smashed to pieces, lovers falling by the wayside, and hurt becoming a recurrent feeling. Lyrically, the album is strong and imaginative, and is a preview into the lives of the musicians who have created it. And it’s not all loud. At moments, sincerity comes to the fore. Moments of tenderness can be heard. It may be a metal record, but there can be times when the raucousness floats into a slow, enchanting rhythm. This shows the creative levels of these musicians, these warriors of words and music.  

Eternal Blue commits to the metal scene expertly. “Hurt You” starts with screams until the chorus comes through and becomes an infectious beat. The screaming tension follows on again, and the shuddering instrumentals compliment. LaPlante sings with verve and intention. “The Summit” offers a slower build-up, a contrast, and LaPlante shows the full range of her empowering vocals. The tight riffs elevate the song to new heights. “Silk In The Strings” is another fiery inclusion as LaPlante screams for closure. The guitar trickery is also fundamental here. “Halcyon” begins slowly with subtle edges. LaPlante excels here as her vocals raise, alerting the senses. It doesn’t stay soft for long, though.

Spiritbox has channelled their inner anger on Eternal Blue. The record is a nod to the metal world and the art of melody.    

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