Stick The Knife In by TREASVRE

As soon as I heard the opening notes of “Run Away” I knew that this album was going to be something special. It’s not every day that a new band comes along and gets you excited about music in general. However, that is exactly what I experienced when hearing TREASVRE for the first time.

The opening of “Run Away” immediately gives a vibe that could put it as somewhat of a companion to Daft Punk’s work on the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. However, it quickly and fluidly morphs into something ethereal. The electronic part stays in the background and is a solid framework for the rest of the instrumentation throughout the track. The vocals are haunting and bring everything together flawlessly. The mix is tight and allows the listener to be immersed in the fullness of the track. And this is just the beginning…

“Letting Nature Run Its Course” swiftly kicks in and is more guitar driven. This was the lead single from the album and is definitely a track that showcases the band’s cohesiveness as a unit. “Face In The Crowd” continues the guitar driven pace, minus the electronic element. However, this doesn’t cause the track to suffer. It is backed with a solid rhythm from the drums and bass (and the bass tone is fantastic). It’s a good midpoint for the album and sets things up for the final act of the album.

“Stick The Knife In” is a slow burn with a slowed tempo intro that leads into a guitar driven build that brings the track to full steam. It’s magnificently chaotic at times leaving you guessing what could possibly come next. It is beautifully written, composed and executed making it stand out on an album that does anything but falter.

The bass opens “I Just Want To Be loved” and carries it for a bit. This track is a bit more melodic than the rest of the album and changes the pace of things a bit. As the final track it rounds out the album very well. The vocals are truly the highlight of the track. While the vocals have carried the album to this point it is at this conjecture that they truly shine.

Overall, the album is solid from start to finish with a solid theme of being true to ones self. The mix is tight and lush which allows the listener to be immersed without losing any of the instrumental or vocal elements. At only 24 minutes it’s a short album (ep), but if it is any indication of what can be expected of TREASVRE in the future then we are all in for a fantastic journey.

Stick The Knife In is available for streaming on all major platforms.

“Run Away” Official Music Video

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