The Bright Light Social Hour Offer Psychedelic “Not New”

Austin-based The Bright Light Social Hour have released “Not New”, a track that incidentally seems to live up to its name, mixing an incredible focus on the rhythm section (with even keys and auxiliary percussion coming in toward the end for a groovy close) with vocals reminiscent of the 70s and 80s. The band’s aesthetic is some sort of take on the hippie of old, yet it’s all augmented by the modernity of Austin’s unique place in the world of music and art.

This latest track is full of layered harmonies that call to mind the vocal stylings of bands like Fleetwood Mac, but there’s definitely a darker, more haunting underbelly here from prominent bass, an emptier bridge, and even some synth later on in the track. It’s an electro-psych jam of sorts, but things never get too slow or amorphous.

The track beckons forth the band’s fifth album, Emergency Leisure, due 8/2. Check out “Not New” below:

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