the dangerous summer – reach for the sun: pulling at different emotions

Sometimes music can grip you like a sturdy hand, and it can tingle the back of your neck, making you fall into its arresting dream. American rock band The Dangerous Summer committed to this formula almost instantly, pushing their music into the atmosphere, saluting their sound like a solider stepping back from the pain.  

The act, led by the enigmatic AJ Perdomo, adjusted their sound, and their seminal record, Reach For The Sun, blew minds and gave fans hope. The record was a statement, an emotional step forward that had no blunders. It was all special too, and the band showed their gift fully.  

Perdomo stepped into the limelight, showcasing maturity at such a young age. His lyrical leanings were gracious and sincere, mind-bending, and poignant, moving the band onto higher platforms. His lyrics didn’t dictate or become struck by hyperbole either, they eased in, pulling at different emotions.  

Yes, negativity crept in, but didn’t become problematic as Perdomo was telling us his darkest secrets, and his woes, and the whole band, secured their place in the pop band mecca, and Reaching For The Sun sounded like a record that was well-developed, beyond the years, and it did blow open powerful opportunities.  

Songs such as Where I Want To Be which became an instant hit with those intricate guitar riffs and emotional lyrics, and Symmetry which pulled no punches. These tracks empowered the band and their fans to climb out of their pain-ridden bases and reach for a piece of hope.  

Northern Lights was a standout too, and Perdomo was in his element. His gritty voice became a sound of misery, though he found a cure. The chilling instrumentals were played accordingly, and the track was stark, somewhat revealing.  

Reach For The Sun was a superior pop punk record in terms of scope and lyricism. It was thought-provoking, and at moments spellbinding. Perdomo had risen above the rot at times, though he felt the rush of hopelessness come in like the speed of light.  

The Dangerous Summer did enchant, and they broke boundaries, and they swept away the dread, and confronted their demons head on.  

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