The Devil Wears Prada Upsets The Sickness With ZII

Back in 2010 The Devil Wears Prada released their highly acclaimed Zombie EP. Fast forward to 2021, and they have continued the storyline with their newest EP, ZII.

“Nightfall” opens the EP with a strong sense of urgency setting the stage for the next 20 minutes, 38 seconds. When TDWP released The Act back in 2019 a lot of long time listeners of the band felt like the band had gone a bit soft. Personally, I found that album to be a masterpiece, and it was my favorite album of that year. ZII is absolutely not a continuation of the stylings found on The Act, but is more reminiscent of some of TDWP’s heavier fares from days past (have even heard some say it is some of the heaviest they’ve released in their career).

“Forlorn” takes the urgency of “Nightfall” and fully immerses the listener in the developing storyline with lines like; “We’ve lost control. We’re in a panic.” In addition, once that breakdown, hits Mike’s screams really stand out, making this the track to look for live once live shows become more commonplace again. The intensity of this track in a live setting is going to be off the rails!

“Termination” was released as the first single, and is the midpoint of the EP. It’s curious as to why it was released as the first glimpse of ZII as it is the “weakest” track on the EP. However, just because it is the weakest does not mean that it is a bad track at all. It just doesn’t seem to “flow” as well as the rest of the EP.

“Nora” picks things back up with some the drums bringing some serious heat in the opening 30 seconds. “Nora” is the most interesting track on the EP as it seems to allude that this is a character (or “the” character) that the overall story is pertaining to. The picture painted of being “alone” in what seems to be a hopeless world is portrayed vividly and beautifully (given the dark/hopeless aspect of things).

“Contagion” brings the EP to a close and starts with a tonal shift musically that is a bit out of left field but quickly swings things back into high gear. The track is very anthemic as Mike screams; “Upset the sickness. Can we take our lives back?” For some, given the current state of the planet, this can be seen by some to a cry for a return to “normal” in some capacity or another.

Overall, ZII is short, but don’t let that deter you. It doesn’t let up musically and thematically is a bit haunting in the midst of a pandemic. However, it is sure to resonate with long time and new listeners of TDWP alike.

ZII is available for streaming via Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple Music or visit their web-store to purchase a physical or digital copy.

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