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Multi-instrumentalist Princess Maha secures her place in the limelight with her project, The Kut. A trailblazing venture, the songwriter, opens her mind with Grit, an album brimming in hooks and rock sensibilities, while sticking to a pop punk sound. And Princess Maha has become a starlet in the scene, and her first album Valley Of Thorns, was a raw affair, but one dazzling in its execution, though Grit surpasses it in on so many levels.

Charged guitar sounds are aplenty on this release, with sturdy vocals coming through like reverberations. Princess Maha also sings bluntly at times on Grit, letting the masses know her feelings on the world and the chaos it brings, and we need true honesty more than ever. And music like this has so much sincerity and compassion. It sounds like a story being shared, a novel of good intentions being filtered through the candid, revealing lyrics.  

Princess Maha doesn’t hold back lyrically. She fights for the truth, and her art doesn’t become ruined by revealing all about her life and her broken desires. Love hasn’t got a place to rest here, and Princess Maha sees through the dishonesty. She isn’t lost in love, and she’s definitely not lusting over anyone.

ANIMO starts the record off in fine fashion. The guitars integrate well and Princess Maha sings, pushing her authority to the forefront. She isn’t vulnerable here, but she charges for a place to feel content. Brother opens with hard-hitting percussion, and the fuzzy guitar sound spikes through, complimenting Princess Maha’s gritty vocals. The story keeps unravelling. Runaways places the pop punk banner into the mix, as the clean vocals describe losing control of every moment, though, this song has upbeat elements.

The Kut is a project by a musician who knows how to construct songs which deliver melancholic magic. Princess Maha is super talented.

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