This Singer and Michigander is the voice of a generation. Here’s why.

While the vast majority of us have been sleeping on his musical brainchild for years, Jason Singer has been quietly building an empire across the country. That steady rise culminated this year with Michigander signing to C3 Records, headlining a lengthy U.S. tour run, and most notably, releasing his newest EP Where Do We Go From Here. The five-track effort contains some of the strongest songs he has written to date… so much so, that I’ve found it difficult to adequately express how I feel about the EP as a whole. Perhaps that is why, even though Where Do We Go From Here saw widespread release back in September, I sit here two months later still struggling to find the right words.

One thing I will say right off the bat is that Singer knows how to craft anthemic singalongs. His specialty is writing songs that rock while simultaneously hitting you in your feels. There is this massive sort of atmosphere to many of his tunes, an atmosphere best embodied on the EP’s lead single “Circles” and its opening track “Poplar.” Both “Circles” and “Poplar” I covered in separate single reviews earlier on in the year, and both will make you want to belt the words at the top of your lungs. Even the tracks that are not this blatantly anthemic have a way of capturing their audience and at times almost immediately, as is the case with the intriguing sonic juxtaposition of “Misery.” Other tracks like “Reds” and the somber closer “94” may not immediately pull you in, but if you keep listening, you will eventually find that same satisfaction.

As a whole these songs are incredibly dynamic and multi-dimensional, packing in countless layers, some of which may even be missed initially. There is just enough nuance sprinkled throughout to keep the listener guessing. From the soaring, almost triumphant mood on the chorus of a song that otherwise feels cerebral (“Misery”), to the integral synth line on a driving rocker like with “Reds,” to the steady build that ends in this grandiosity on “94,” the attention to detail across Where Do We Go From Here is one of its greatest strengths. This attention to detail is not something you would expect from an artist who has released three extended plays since the beginning of last year, and yet that’s exactly what you get with Michigander.

For me everything points back to the genius of Singer’s songwriting. After all, how many other artists can you name that pen music this deep and simultaneously this catchy? His ability is indisputable, and his charisma undeniable, but what really sets Where Do We Go From Here apart from countless indie releases this year is his execution. There is a deliberate intent behind each and every song that will make you wish the EP lasted longer than five tracks. To me it’s proof that Michigander is more than just a band. A friend of mine once called Michigander “the voice of a generation,” and while that may sound like hyperbolic clickbait to some, I find that description of the “band” far more accurate.

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