TREY – What The Hell Am I Afraid Of? [Premier]

TREY has been busy – between several EPs in 2021, moving across the country and settling into new patterns, and putting out several tracks this year already, there hasn’t been too much of a lull. All of this is heading toward a full record that will wrap all of these tracks together into one story – one of broken family dynamics, abandonment, and loss of self that hits a redemption arc of belonging, love, and restoration of past wrongs.

This leads us to the final installment of the story, told through the lens of a more rock-based sound that borrows heavily from alternative and pop-punk influence while still maintaining the sing-along personality TREY’s songs are known for. There are hints of Death Cab for Cutie, The Band CAMINO, and even a bit of The Strokes when it comes to guitar parts.

“What The Hell Am I Afraid Of” follows “Electric Blue”, “Addicted”, and “Shove” as the fourth TREY song released this year. Stylistically, it’s most similar to “Shove” and carries the live energy fans have come to love. Listen to the song below here and follow TREY on Instagram and Facebook.

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