Trivium – In The Court Of The Dragon

Loud, abrasive, and always breakneck, Orlando band Trivium blasts open new horizons In The Court Of The Dragon. The heavy metal connoisseurs elevate beyond the normal tone and deliver a special, highly original LP. Frontman Matt Heafy provides hardened vocals and intricate guitar trickery, as well as lyrics which will provoke responses. He’s such a wise musician who screams about the state of the world too.

In The Court Of The Dragon rallies home distinction and creativity. The instrumentals are also technically and methodically designed, paving way for Trivium to become even more of a pivotal band. For instance, the act does not shy away from being purposefully imaginative with their instruments or their feelings towards the world. And Heafy never lets his art become stale, as he augments it on every release.

And Trivium pays homage to the metal godfathers too on this album. The technical artistry shows through on every song, the mind-boggling solos, the impactful, story-driven lyrics, and the invaluable prowess also commit to the cause. after all, this act does not do things by halves, they play and scream until the roars are heard, and the music is respected.

The record opens with thunderous riffs. Heafy sings with authority on “Like A Sword Over Damocles.” The artistry shown here is sublime, and the song rapidly grows into a technical beast. “Feast Of Fire” hasn’t been downsized, it fully roars like a lion, and Heafy does not hold back, using his guitar as a statement of intent. It’s a musical triumph. “No Way Back Just Through” conquers. It delivers intense technical brilliance, and the lyrical content blooms to shock. “From Dawn To Decadence” yet again offers impeccable guitar strokes and pounding percussion, and Heafy sings with crushing intensity.

Trivium dusts off their instruments to create a monumental collection of songs. In The Court Of The Dragon beams its light far and wide

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