Troubled Minds – Disconnect

Fuelled on anger, fuelled by emotion, Disconnect by Troubled Minds, is a collection of songs that shock before they embed the mind. The band from Phoenix, convey through their thought-provoking tracks, drunken dirges, days when the light has no purpose and life seems to be full of stressful situations. The world spins, the birds sing, the rich become richer, and the depressed have no outlook. It’s true that people with mental health problems don’t get the help they need, and on this release, the band definitely feels the effects of low moments.

Disconnect is a record which shares the truth. Through the pop punk sound, the album has stories attached to its middle point, narrative muscle, that describe memories that are vivid and discomforting. The band has stretched their lyrical talents to breaking point, and they’ve focused on detailing every last part. The LP incorporates these themes which are there to explain what the band is going through mentally, and they’ve also let their guard down, and that should be commended.

Those soaring guitar parts echo through, and they’re so technical. There’s more to this pop punk album, with the instrumentals pulsing and the brooding vocals interconnecting and creating a bold sound. Face To Face opens everything up, cutting deep, and letting us into the drama. The impactful guitar moments aren’t afterthoughts, and the vocals serve up the depressing, but vital lyrics. It’s a commanding, yet sad start. Late Nights is a pop punk masterclass, and the rough guitars blend in convincingly. Patterns begins carries the theme well, and the lyrics detail anger and repent for the state of the world. Broken and beaten down, the band just want to see the light, a light strong like a sturdy heartbeat.

This band has placed their all into this. Disconnect is a record battering against the world, wishing to pick at its core, to reveal some sort of remedy.

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