Truslow – Natural Killer

By Ryan G

There was a time in which I was convinced Truslow would be the next “it” band out of Columbus. I still think that outcome is possible, but there have been some changes -all for the better, from the outside looking in.

Natural Killer is the latest release from the pop rock group, known for their high energy, infectiously sing-able songs that seem to be tailor made for crowd-participation. With the release of Killer, it seems that the band is fully being themselves and has nothing left to prove. The songs were fun before, but the crispness and accessibility has only increased with Killer.

I’ve heard countless numbers of songs in the style that Truslow, Imagine Dragons, and others make that are made for sync placement in TV and film. Killer still checks all of those boxes, but the fact is that the band seems to be doing it for the fun of it and no other reason – this is more apparent than ever. There are some dark undertones, but they come across as more mischievous than anything else. This isn’t to the detriment of hitting on any hard real life topics – but rather than cheapening them, Truslow paves a way for fun enjoyment in spite of the heaviness.

The songs that are loud are straightforward and driving compositions. “Dagger” plays like a march. “Walking” has been out for a minute but is a peppy, bouncy track that should have been a huge radio hit. “Take Me Back” has a lot of nostalgia running with it, that makes me think of bands like Journey and Styx. The thought of bachelorette parties on Broadway in Nashville singing this song in karaoke bars, back to back with “Don’t Stop Believing” is both very humorous and surprisingly plausible. Can’t you picture it?

The record isn’t without its tender moments. “Abbey Dear” is a heartfelt ode to frontman James’ wife, and “Goodnight” is a fan favorite that has traditionally closed out Truslow shows almost since their inception. It seems fitting to see an iconic part of the band’s performance finally get immortalized in this way.

I’m eager to see what comes of the renewal of a Columbus staple. I’m here for it.

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