Tuned In – Spin These New Releases (Week of July 22nd)

By Ryan G

With so much new music getting released weekly, it can be difficult to keep up and not miss anything important. We here at Tuned Up know the struggle and wanted to offer previews of a few new releases that piqued our interest this week. What sounds interesting to you? What did we miss? Drop your thoughts in the comment section.

Featured Releases:

Jack WhiteEntering Heaven Alive

The Detroit legend is back with his second record of 2022. If the first album this year was any indication, expect more gnarly riffage, Jack’s trademark swagger, and a handful of moments that will make you scratch your head. Stream the album here.

Fashion WeekEverything Was Better in 2005

I can recall the days of living on Tompkins Street, walking over to the dive bar Kobo when I was bored to check out local tunes. One of my discoveries back then was Fashion Week, a band that has consistently demonstrated a mastery of thoughtful pop rock. Their new EP, two years in the making, is out today.

ODESZAThe Last Goodbye

This ubiquitous electronic group is known for their memorable stage shows—one of my regrets is not seeing them headline Columbus’ Breakaway Festival a few years ago. Here’s hoping this album holds up to my lofty expectations. Stream it here.

Cherimondis JDove Archer

The alt-soul-experimental artist returns with an album out via indie label Paper Machine, run by Wandering Stars’ Derek Christopher. The fact that a guy known more for experimental industrial music is throwing his weight behind an experimental soul artist should tell you a lot about how unique this is. Stream it here.

Brujas Del SolDeculter

The dreamgaze/sludge/psych extravanganza is back with their latest LP via niche label Kozmik Artifactz. The band played a big role in expanding my personal horizons in independent rock music, and I found a new love for spacey music in the early 2010s. Expect sweeping songs and loud guitars. Frontman Adrian Zambrano now calls Asheville, NC home but he will always be cemented in my “who’s who” of Columbus. Stream it here.

Pool KidsSelf Titled

A Hayley Williams endorsement is gold these days. Let’s see how the indie-scenster act pans out with their release! We’re excited. Stream it here.

Other Notable Releases:

Koreatown OddityISTHISFORREAL? (hip hop)

Joey Bada$$2000 (hip hop)

DawesMisadventures of Doomscroller (Americana/Rock)

Alex the AstronautHow to Grow a Sunflower Underwater (folk pop)

standardsFruit Town (LA math rock)

Rusty Santos High Reality (psych pop)

PeabodGrowing Up, Part 2 (hip hop)

La Poré – Self titled (electropop)

New Singles:

Norma Jean – “Sleep Explosion”

A Day To Remember – “Miracle”

Legit Smitty – “Sunny D (Song For Juno)”

Tiny Moving Parts – “Tangled Up”

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